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Transform Your Product Photography with AI Backgrounds

Enhance your product images effortlessly by replacing backgrounds.


Prompt-Based Image Generation

With PintoMural, you don't need any design skills or experience. Just select the product you want to enhance, enter a brief text prompt describing the background you have in mind, and our advanced AI will generate a custom image tailored to your specifications.

Easy Integration:

Seamlessly integrate Backgroundify with your Shopify store and start enhancing your product images instantly. No coding or technical expertise required.

Time and Cost Savings:

Say goodbye to the time-consuming process of setting up a photography studio and hiring a photographer. Create professional-grade product images in minutes, saving you time and money.

Enhance Image Generation with Negative Prompts:

Take your image generation to the next level by incorporating negative prompts. Our advanced algorithm allows you to specify what you don't want in your images, enabling more precise and tailored results.